ri board of health updates language to reflect law

It’s been nearly a year since Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee signed the much debated*  bill (S.B. 614/H.B. 5656)  into law on  Monday, June 17,  making Rhode Island the 40th state  in the Union to have no supervision requirement for CRNAs in its  nurse practice acts or board of nursing rules and regulations.  The law removed the  phrases “under the supervision of”  and replaced them with “in collaboration with,”  to define CRNA  practice with anesthesiologists, licensed physicians, and licensed dentists in the state’s Nurse Practice Act.
Today CRNAs across the Ocean State  can now view the long awaited  implementation of the 2013 law in the recently revised RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE LICENSING OF NURSES and STANDARDS FOR THE APPROVAL OF BASIC NURSING EDUCATION PROGRAMS  which was submitted as a “PUBLIC HEARING DRAFT –REVISED” on June 6th, 2014″. Visit the  Department of Health Website Here and look to the right sidebar under “draft nursing rules”.

Congratulations Rhode Island CRNAs on an accomplishment well deserved and well won!

* listen to original testimony by clicking here .  (The  audio file is on page 3,  last file in the second row:  date 4/10/2013.  Pertinent testimony min 54:29-113)


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