No News is Good News

I hope you all have been enjoying one of the nicest summers RI has seen in several years. It’s a great time to do some CPC modules and CEUs at the beach or by the pool. Some of you might be wondering why I haven’t sent one of my annoying briefs in a little while, but truth be told, there thankfully hasn’t been that much going on for RIANA in the last few months.
RIANA’s Bylaws Committee, chaired by Dr. Sharon Gallipeau and assisted by Dianna Medeiros, Lynn Curran, and Marissa Abreu, has been diligently working on revisions to our bylaws that reflect current practices of RIANA. These revisions are long overdue and I feel that the Bylaws Committee has done an outstanding job with a mundane and tedious investigation into a document that very few seldom peruse. Please take a minute to review these changes that are both attached and posted on our website as we will be voting on them at our annual business meeting.
Once again, RIANA has secured Sylvio’s Restaurant for our annual business meeting which will occur on Thursday, October 11th at 6 pm. The central location off route 295, private room, PA system, and delicious food at a fair price make it an ideal place to hold a meeting. This year we will have a vote on several bylaws resolutions as well as elections for next year’s Board of Directors. I can’t encourage you enough to please come and vote me out of office so I can get back to enjoying my free time. If anyone has any interest in running for an office, please email our Nominations Committee Chairwoman, Jessica Mancini ( as we would be delighted to have some new faces on the board.
Some of you might have noticed that there is no NEANA Fall Meeting this year. Originally, it was RIANA’s turn to host the Fall Meeting but we petitioned the NEANA BoD to suspend the meeting in lieu of the AANA’s Annual Congress being held in Boston. Instead, RIANA will be hosting the NEANA Fall Meeting next October 4th-6th, 2019 at The Providence Marriott. We will have our Annual Business Meeting on Friday, October 4th as well as a PAC fundraiser on the evening of October 5th in the Cafe Nuovo foyer overlooking the Gloria Gemma Waterfire event. We will certainly need some help obtaining speakers and vendors for this event, so kindly keep a lookout for our Education Committee.
Brian Girard, MS, CRNA, APRN
President, RIANA

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